Women Diseases from the Age of 20 and Up: Ignored Signs and Symptoms and Its Prevention
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Women Diseases from the Age of 20 and Up: Ignored Signs and Symptoms and Its Prevention

Do you know that there are plenty of diseases around the world that only affects women rather than men? And mostly these women don’t even know about it. Symptoms that are usually ignored by women are more often than not are different to men. Women often do not get immediate treatment since they fail to recognize the warning signs and only when realization sinks in of having that disease, then it becomes too late.

And are you also aware that diseases which are also common to women aside from men are heart attack, stroke, gallstones and thyroid?

Heart attack, this ailment usually starts at the age of 30. Since women are not aware of the symptoms, they tend to delay the treatment even though they are already experiencing some symptoms. According to the American Heart Association two out of three women have a heart problem which causes more fatalities from the age of 35 and up than in any type of cancer mortality. This is also the leading health threat to females around the world thus doctors advices women to consult a cardiologist once they feel the symptoms lasts for five minutes or more. Its foremost warning signals are uneasiness in the chest which lasts for about five minutes or more, severe pain, cold sweat, discomfort in other parts of the body particularly arms, neck, jaw, shoulder, shortness or hardness in breathing and nausea. This could be avoided if women will stay away from smoking and drinking, follow a regular and daily exercise and check up, follow a healthy diet, control blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol and enough sleep.

Thyroid, let me tell you first what thyroid is, this is found in the neck and it is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland which helps establish metabolism. There are two kinds of a thyroid problem namely hyperthyroidism, its symptoms are faster heartbeat rate, weight loss, excessive sweating or sensitivity to heat. It is also called “Overactive/Overproduction Thyroid”. Whereas hypothyroidism or “Underactive/Underproduction Thyroid” as they call it, its warning signs are a minor increase in weight, irregularity in the menstrual cycle, sensitivity to cold, fatigue, drying of the skin and puffiness, bowel movement difficulty and bad memory. If you notice any of these symptoms and anxious about it better go to a medical laboratory for a thyroid blood test. If in case you have it, your doctor may prescribe your hormones substitute medicines.

Stroke or CVA (cerebrovascular accident), what we are not aware of is itstrikes women from the age of 30. Its threatening and primary signs are numbness and weakening of the face or limbs usually on one side of the body, difficulty in understanding and speaking, vision in one or both eyes tend to be difficult, loss of coordination and balance. Same with heart attack, this can also be prevented by following a regular health regimen, avoid drinking and smoking, have a daily exercise routine, low sugar and saturated fats and cholesterol intake, enough rest and sleep.

Gallstones, for our information starts from the age of 20 to 60. The US College of Gastroenterology revealed that three times more than males are female are likely to have this ailment. The usual symptoms are vomiting, nausea, steady pain below the right breast that may last for several hours. It may extend to the abdomen and right or back shoulder, obesity and rapid weight loss.

What is a gallstone and where is it located? The gallbladder organ is found under our liver and it’s like a pear in shape. This is where it stores the fat digesting fluid called bile. The gallstones are developed in the bladder if the substances in the bile like fats and cholesterol becomes firm and obstructs the flow of the bile by means of the bile ducts. It’s prevention? Diet should be low in fats and cholesterol.

We do not know when these ailments will attack us so it is wise to be observant on the mentioned symptoms. Do not ignore slight weight changes, fatigue and cold sweating. Our doctors recommend us to seek medical advice and consult immediately. Be cautious!

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