Who Said Thinning is Winning? A Confidence Guide for the Bigger Woman
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Who Said Thinning is Winning? A Confidence Guide for the Bigger Woman

Facts about bigger women, particularly encouraging information speaking out against the fixation on the thin physique and size zero models. Showing the health risks of being underweight, and how having a normal feminine figure is not only better for health but also personal reasons from attraction to men, to having children.

Ladies, put down the fashion magazine, switch off the fashion channel and look at yourself in the mirror. Real beauty is inside, but since it takes a lot of confidence testing to reach this conclusion than start slowly. The key focus should begin with why bigger is now better when it comes to a woman’s physique.

Kate Moss, Lindsey Lohan, The Olsen Twins, and basically 95% of Hollywood starlets are all about the thin and glamorizing of the size 0 shape. Is it attractive? No. Does it sell magazines? Yes. Now this is where the truth lies. The beauty is not in the skinny sizes its all about what sells and making headlines. This is true to the entire entertainment industry from the actors to the paparazzi. Forget how thin anybody looks its all about the shock value and getting the readers, so look past the figures and be proud of a being a real woman.

Health issues are often ignored when glamorizing thin models. Infertility is very common for smaller women. All that working out, dieting, and reliance of appetite suppressants can cause havoc with a normal menstruation cycle, thus leading to problems with fertility. A normal woman needs nutrition, proper food, and of course hips and thighs. This is the female shape which people tend to forget. If a woman doesn’t have this physique then her figure is male, it is as simple as that. There is nothing more precious than creating a family with the person you love, bigger, natural, “normal” weight woman should have no trouble when it comes to fertility. Now that is something to be proud of.

We all have a different opinion on what is attractive. For most men when asked about women and body shapes, the majority from all over the world have said curves. Never has a majority of men ever favored the skinny shape. This could be down to psychological reasoning of the man seeing the woman with child bearing hips and therefore linking here as a mother of his children, or it could plainly be that is looks better. Curvy and confident is always a winner, its feminine, its attractive and it seems it really is what men want.

Thankfully the time has come that people are now seeing the talent and beauty away from the physique. The best example has to be current chart topper Adele. Millions of records, the voice of our generation and the biggest thing to come out of Britain in the last decade. She’s bigger, she’s beautiful and nobody cares what she looks like, not even Adele herself. Quite the role-model and her continued success speaks volumes. Forget the stress and fixation on weight, feel good on the inside and you will feel it outside. Times are changing for the better so flaunt your curves and remember bigger is better!

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