Women's Fitness: Use the Leg Press to Build a Beautiful Booty
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Women's Fitness: Use the Leg Press to Build a Beautiful Booty

Work out at the gym to build a beautiful butt

The leg press is one of the most overlooked tools by women for building the best bottom in the world. So much attention has been focused on ballet bootys, and bopping booties and any other kind of exercise program that claim to have a dramatic effect on bottom development, that people, especially women, forget that a weight training routine that builds lean muscle mass, combined with a modified diet that focuses on higher protein and lower fat will give them the booty of their dreams.

Women traditionally have lower body strength than men, which is why so many women have problems with ever expanding hips and butts. It’s their core of strength. Most exercise programs claim to help develop the gluteus muscle, but all of these programs focus on burning calories, not building the muscle. The leg press is designed for building muscle, which gives shape to the butt muscle. Unlike the squat, which is a great muscle shaper, the leg press doesn’t put strain on the neck, shoulder or back which can limit the amount of weight a woman can use in her shape sculpting routine. The leg press allows the woman to use increased weight, and higher weight with lower repetitions can build muscles faster.

Another exercise a woman can to do specifically target the booty is a high step. This exercise was very popular for awhile, and it worked. However, the high step is very different from the majority of step programs out there. The high step involves a rise of sixteen to eighteen inches, which forces the gluteus muscle to stretch and grow. Think of running bleachers at a stadium, or walking them and skipping every other step and you’ll have the right image in mind for the way a high step should be performed.

But most programs use a step that’s less than twelve inches, which is great for the quadriceps, and overall fat burning through increased caloric exertion, but will not develop the butt. It may melt fat off the bottom area, but that doesn’t give the butt the shape so many women desire. Add to that that fact that so many knee injuries can occur when doing the high step on a box or stadium bleachers. It comes from underdeveloped stabilizer muscles in the knees and ankles. The sad fact is most people have minor injuries in both the ankles and knees from their childhood or past sports career, and increased pressure from a high step routine combined with an off balance body can lead to disaster for those joints and ligaments. One wrong step and all of the hard work goes out the window while you convalesce and recover.

The leg press is a better alternative for butt building since the feet are firmly planted on the platform and the exercise is performed in one plane of motion. It might seem more dangerous, since people have an irrational fear of being trapped under the weight sled, but there are safety pegs in place that won’t allow the weight to descend all of the way. If you get stuck under too much weight, just let it rest on the safety pegs and roll out from under it. The leg press is probably the perfect exercise for women who are serious about building a beautiful booty.


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Comments (2)

i m so tence because mere legs ka shaps totaly wrong hai. jab me standing position me hoi hu to mere legs knee se tuch hote hai or panje fel jate hai, like this/


Women's Fitness Clothing

Both great exercises for the booty. I think most Women are afraid to lift weights that build muscle on the back side because they are afraid of bulking up back there.