5 Essential Health Checkups Every Woman Should Opt for - 5 Life Saving Health Checkups for Women
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5 Essential Health Checkups Every Woman Should Opt for - 5 Life Saving Health Checkups for Women

Five life-saving health checkups for women. Five health checkups that every woman should take - these can save your life!

Women often tend to neglect their own health on account of family, work, and hectic lifestyles. Here is a list of 5 crucial health checkups every woman should take. These health examinations can be potential life savers.

1. Pap smear: A pap smear procedure usually involves taking tissue samples from a woman’s cervix, using a brush and spatula. These samples are then tested in the laboratory for signs of cervical cancer or any abnormal signs of growth inside the cervix. Doctors recommend that women should undergo a pap smear every year to rule out chances of cervical cancer. Undergoing pap smears regularly can detect precancerous changes within the cervix, therefore preventing the onset of full-on cancer at a later stage.

2. Mammography: Mammography involves taking an x-ray of the breast to detect any signs of breast cancer. Mammography requires use of a special kind of x-ray machine that can take pictures of each breast and the results are then recorded on a computer or directly on to film. These results are then sent to a radiologist for further examination.

3. Breast self examination: Women in their 30s should perform a breast self examination once a month. This self examination is easy to do and is used to detect any lumps, nipple discharge or changes in breast size and shape. Doing a monthly breast self examination can help detect any signs of early breast cancer and can potentially save women’s lives.

4. Thyroid examination: The thyroid gland controls our appetite, weight and a host of other functions in the body. An underactive thyroid, also known as hypothyroidism can result in symptoms such as increase in weight, hoarseness of voice, dry rough skin, as well as a feeling of tiredness throughout the day. An overactive thyroid gland, also called hyperthyroidism, results in symptoms such as weight loss, reduced attention span, irritability, excessive emotional behavior, usually in the form of crying. Physicians recommend getting a blood test done to rule out the possibility of thyroid malfunction.

5. Bone scan: Women tend to develop weaker bones as they age, when compared to men. Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by brittle and weak bones and is very common in women above 50 years of age. In addition to including plenty of exercise, as well as a daily dose of calcium in the diet, it is also necessary to undergo a DEXA bone scan. This bone scan helps rule out the possibility of osteoporosis or can at least help detect early signs of this debilitating disease.

Performing these five health checkups can prevent fatal cancerous diseases in women and help them live a fuller life in their twilight years.

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Comments (2)

Nice share...Valuable and informative.

Women should always consult to their doctors particularly for checking up of diseases related to their reproductive system. The reproductive system is one of the most sensitive and important system of woman that should be taken care of. Thank you for sharing this excellent idea, keep it up! Voted and shared.